GUESTS- Season One

'How's your bum, how's your tum?'



Loïs has Crohn's disease and is an IBD Blogger and Youtuber with her blog and channel: Gut Instinct. She hosts Crohn’s and Colitis brunches in London to create a supportive community and has also founded the online platform Stomach Stories, where she interviews different people with IBD. She joins us for Episode 3 on The Poodcast.

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Moeed is a presenter who has Crohn's disease. He is the host of Puff Podcast and new online series South Asian Creatives. Moeed provides his followers, via vlogs and Instagram, with a clear understanding of what stoma surgery looks like. He joins us for Episode 4 on The Poodcast. 

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Amber was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at the young age of 13. After her proctectomy at aged 19, Amber went on to become brand ambassador for Aura Clothing, modelled for IntheStyle and started her own podcast Inside Out by Amber. She also featured on BBC Wales X-Ray series looking at whether hospital menus cater adequately to the dietary needs of those with IBD. We chat to her in Episode 5 of The Poodcast. 

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After suffering with IBS for years, Lena set up the webpage Lena’s Happy Tummy, with the aim of creating a safe community and raising awareness for those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Online she shares her tummy-friendly recipes, discusses the IBS mindset and shares her tips and tricks for surviving uni with complicated gut. We talk to her in Episode 7 of The Poodcast. 

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Ali was born with legs that end mid-thigh and has Crohn’s disease. He is a powerlifter who took the gold medal at the Asian Open Championships where he made a world record lift of 185.5kg and in 2014 made another world record of 190kg in Dubai. In 2016 Ali took silver at the Rio Paralympic Games and is one of only two Crohn’s sufferers to win a medal at either the Olympic or Paralympic games in history. We talk with him in episode 8 of The Poodcast. 

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Jo and Chantelle are both mothers who have suffered life altering injuries during childbirth; from the birth of her son Jo Page suffered a 4th degree tear and anal sphincter injury that has resulted in bowel incontinence. Chantelle Sandham also had a torn anal sphincter that has resulted in bowel incontinence. Together they host Instagram Live Q&A's for other mothers who are concerned about or who have also suffered similar injuries in childbirth. 



At 26, whilst serving as an intelligence operator onboard a submarine, Glen was diagnosed with cancer in 3 places and was swiftly discharged. Only a few years later in 2001 Glen was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, and at age 29, woke up in intensive care with a stoma. More recently, Glen continues his love of all things limitless and in 2019 climbed Kilimanjaro raising money for Crohn’s & Colitis UK. And finally earlier this year Glen was nominated for a ‘Positive Role Model Award’, for the National Diversity Awards 2020.

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Bryony was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at the young age of 4. When she was 13 she had her large intestine removed (except for a tiny part at the rectum). She lived with an ileostomy until she was 16 but when her symptoms had calmed enough she was able to have her small intestine reconnected with the end of her large intestine. At 28 Bryony works full time as a journalist for the BBC and has her own blog A Belly Full Of, looking at GF recipes and how to lead a successful career and a balance lifestyle with Crohn's. 

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Christine is from Norway and works as a coach for women who struggle with IBS, and looks to help them in a natural way. She was diagnosed herself with IBS at 20 years old and found that she couldn’t find anyone to effectively help her with her symptoms. When she did finally start to find effective ways of relieving IBS symptoms she decided to become a coach, as she didn’t want people to have to search for relief for as many years as she did, and wanted to help women take back control and to not be limited in life by their gut. 

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Helen Brooks looks to transform IBS symptoms through hypnotherapy. Helen is a Senior Clinical Hypnotherapist with 17 years experience. Her aim is to use gut-directed therapy for those with IBS that haven’t responded well to dietary changes or medication. She now runs The Tummy Whisperer and offers a personalised support online programme to help those with IBS find confidence and relief. 

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Blogger, Billie Anderson has Ulcerative Colitis and a stoma. She runs the increcible blog 'Trust Your Gut' and inadvertantly started the 'still not asking for it' movement on Instagram. She is an advocate for body acceptance and raising awareness for invisible illnesses and disability representation 

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Omma Ahmed pens the brilliant Ostomate for Life blog, where she writes about her experiences of Crohn’s, influenced by her Muslim, Pakistani and British background. Omma raises awareness of Crohn’s and mental health and has spoken at Stories from the Inside and shared her tales through Gut Instinct’s Stomach Stories! 



James was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2012, after having been diagnosed with depression only 18 months prior. Since then he has featured on Loose Women’s campaign for men: ‘My Body My Story’, won the Alex Demain Lifetime Awareness Award for his fundraising efforts for Crohn’s & Colitis, and continuously posts honest pictures online of his journey with weight gain and loss as he stresses just how much body image and representation can affect one’s mental health.

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Lottie started off as a blogger and Instagrammer with her account ‘The Tummy Diaries’, sharing her experience and perspective on life with IBS including her very popular ‘my bloated wardrobe’. Her latest project and business venture is  ‘You’ve Gut This’: a platform for the IBS community as well as the online retailer for ‘My Tummy Diary’ a gut health diary designed to help women improve their gut health through looking at lifestyle. Lottie now has a whopping 106k followers on Instagram and sells her diaries all over the world.

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Rachel and Jake, share a rare genetic disorder called Hirschsprung’s Disease causing both to have ileostomy surgery. Both Jake and Rachel had stoma surgery at birth, but Rachel had undergone reversal surgery at 3, and has very recently had her second stoma. Rachel is also a family ambassador for Noah’s Ark Charity, a children’s hospital in Wales and this amazing mother and son duo spread positivity and awareness on Rachel’s social media Gutsy Mum . 

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 Ashara was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2010 when she was just 15 years old. She is now a photographer and yoga teacher with her YouTube channel and business Awkward Awakened Awareness. And not only do her online videos teach us how yoga can aid symptoms of chronic illness, they also feature her beautiful daughter, Zyanna, who shows us you are never too young to start practicing. 



Zoe has always had a passion for exercise and movement and has constantly been adapting how she exercises after diagnoses of Ehlers Danlos Type III, gut dysmotility and Fowler’s syndrome.  Zoe created Actively Autoimmune whilst learning to live alongside her conditions and she uses exercise as a management tool daily. 

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Michelle runs The Happy Pelvis for chronic illness and pelvic pain advocacy. Michelle lived with chronic pelvic pain and had her symptoms dismissed and misdiagnosed for over 15 years. Only a few years ago Michelle was diagnosed with not one but 3 chronic pelvic pain conditions: Inter-stitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome, Endometriosis and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. This year The Happy Pelvis was nominated for a WEGO Health Award for it’s pelvic health advocacy.